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Fernández Forestal Andaluza, S.L.


Charcoal is a fragile, porous and solid product with a high contents of carbon (around 80%).

"Wood", Natural Energy Resource

Charcoal is produced by heating in absence of air (until temperatures between 400ºC and 700ºC). Charcoal can be produced from wood or other vegetable waste.Its calorific value fluctuate between 29.000 and 35.000 kJ/kg, and is quite superior to the calorific value in wood, that fluctuates between12.000 and 21.000 kJ/kg.


We produce charcoal, organic matter essential for a proper barbecue lighting.

"This product can be sent with your firewood order".

Warehouse and door-to-door selling. We deliver to hotels, restaurants, petrol stations and individuals.

We must protect our forests

We must protect our forests

We deliver and work in all Andalucía

Fernández Forestal Andaluza, S.L.
Producto ecológico

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Fernández Forestal Andaluza, S.L.

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