Fernández Forestal Andaluza, S.L.

From 1965

Fernández Forestal Andaluza, S.L.

Cutting down, pruning and forest works

"Wood", Natural Energy Resource

Pruning, more than a work, is an art and is neccesary to improve the growth of the vegetation.


To take into account the objetive of every tree and plant in our ground and to know their characteristiques is vital to determine what kind of pruning is appropriate and if is really necessary.

"If you need pruning, cutting down and after splinter this wood, put yourself in hands of professionals".

Clearing of scrub in plots and transplant and pruning of trees and palm trees for residents´ associations, administrations, individuals and companies.

We must protect our forests

We must protect our forests

We deliver and work in all Andalucía

Fernández Forestal Andaluza, S.L.
Producto ecológico

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Fernández Forestal Andaluza, S.L.

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